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West Coast Anxiety is currently hiring experienced clinicians who are passionate about process-based therapy and strive for excellence in clinical care.

Remote Independently Licensed Therapists

Seeking a licensed therapist (e.g., psychologist, LCSW) to join our practice and provide outpatient evidence-based treatment via telehealth. This is a fully remote position open to providers licensed to practice in the United States. We are seeking applicants with the following qualifications:  ​

  • Independent and unrestricted license* to provide psychotherapy for your profession in the states of Washington and/or Oregon (those who are associates or  may be considered for a position if they have demonstrated experience with ACT, ERP, DBT, CBT, etc.).

  • Clinicians who've completed a 200-level BTTI training or the educational equivalent of a 200-level training (or willingness to complete this level of training within first year of hire)

  • Able to provide < 20 hours of direct clinical services each month.

Strong applicants will have prior training in ACT, ERP, HRT, or MBIs, be interested in experiential learning and value the PBT community.

*Associates may apply if they've met the experience criteria in exposure & response prevention training either in internship or postgraduate work.

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We want you on our team. Here is a bit more about us...

West Coast Anxiety’s objective is to provide high quality & effective evidence-based treatment for clients with anxiety and anxiety-spectrum disorders, and to foster a client-focused and clinician-centric culture within our company.


  1. Deliver effective behaviorally-oriented evidence-based practices for individuals suffering with anxiety and anxiety-spectrum disorders. 

    1. To this end, we deliver behaviorally-oriented process-based therapies: These may include (but aren't limited to) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, Habit Reversal Training, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness-Based Interventions.

  2. Foster and cultivate a community of clinicians and clients who are open-minded and accepting toward a diversity of experiences, compassionate in the face of suffering, driven toward delivering the highest standards of care, and committed to living lives that align with the practices they teach clients.

  3. Provide high-quality behaviorally-oriented training to Ph.D.- and Masters-level students, and high-quality low-cost treatment to those they serve (Please note, the Internship Program launches in 3-5 years).


West Coast Anxiety (WCA) values acceptance, flexibility, compassion, learning and curiosity.


West Coast Anxiety (WCA) is an outpatient mental health group practice that serves the residents of California, Oregon, Washington. Our providers are located in the major cities along the Western Coast of the United States, and have trained in process-based therapies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Habit Reversal Training (HRT), and Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs). In order to maintain the highest level of care, WCA has strategic partnerships with Praxis and the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (an exposure and response prevention training program offered through the International Obsessive Compulsive DIsorder Foundation, or IOCDF), both of which offer high quality evidence-based treatment trainings; WCA monitors and measures clinic outcomes using both symptom and process-based scales; WCA hires only those doctoral and masters level clinicians who are trained in process-based therapies and have a minimum of a 200 level BTTI training; additionally, WCA only hires clinicians who are willing to participate regularly in consultation to promote their own professional development and client-centered care.

Clinic Openings

All services will be provided via Telehealth unless and until there is sufficient demand for in-person services. WCA doesn’t anticipate offering any in-person services for the first 5 years of operation, unless it is arranged directly between the clinician and the client. In this event, it will most likely be to provide on-site ERP; given the cost associated for a provider to travel to a client’s home and the flexibility of Telehealth, Telehealth will remain the primary vehicle service delivery.

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The annual earnings for a clinician seeing 14 - 20 clients/week for 44 weeks/year is $84,700 - $121,000. 

In addition to these earnings, we provide a comprehensive benefits package. 

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Ultimately, attracting and keeping great clinicians requires offering a great benefits packages. We value what you provide our clients, and we want you to love working here. 

Some parts of the WCA Benefits package is active immediately, and some after 90 days of employment. Contact us for more detail.

  • Paid Time Off/Sick Time:

    • Approved automatically upon request (Unpaid time off doesn't need any request).

    • PTO/ST bank is capped at 80hrs/year and is accrued over Y1, with < 40 hours.

  • Health Insurance: WCA provides health insurance through a major insurer & pays 50% of the premium. 

  • Continuing Education Funds: $1500/year to be used toward CEU, reimbursed upon request.

  • Annual Learning Consultations: These learning opportunities are a series of 6 small-group (3-4 people) consultations with some of the field’s most well-known researchers and clinicians. Topics include (but aren’t limited to) ERP, ACT, BFRBs.

  • Home Office Stipend: Because each clinician is operating at home, WCA offers 1k toward any home office expense.

  • 401k Matching: WCA Matches 401k contributions up to 4%. Additionally, we structure our 401k plans around the "opt out" method and support immediate contributions upon hire. 

  • Annual Gathering: These community building events begin Y2 and provide an opportunity both for continued learning and vacation. While these events are fully paid for, they are not paid days and clinicians can choose to opt out.

  • Paid License Renewal: Annual, up to $200/year for the first state's license, $100/year toward additional state's license. 

  • Performance-specific bonuses, "Conference Speakers/Publishers" bonuses, and "Deepening My Education" fee increases. We tie our bonuses to utilization capacity and participation in educational events that promote the good of our clinical community (e.g. speaking at a conference), and our clinicians' hourly fees are tied to trainings completed through the BTTI. 

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Interested applicants can send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and two or more letters of recommendation, with at least one recommendation from someone who is familiar with your clinical work firsthand (e.g. a primary clinical supervisor, current or past).

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